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solid edge st2 windows 8




I have two questions.


I am using an expired solid edge st2 license and i would like to know if it could be run by windows 8.


my license is linked to my hard disk, and unfortunately, it is failing. I know my maintenance have expired, but I should  to change my license in order to be used in other hard disk.

Could anyone help me?


thanks in advance




Re: solid edge st2 windows 8

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

ST2 cannot be run on Windows 8.  ST6 was the first version to support it.


You will need a new license file if your hard disk is replaced or you get a new PC.  You will need to talk to your VAR or GTAC to do this.  Another option might be to get current and you may want to try the Solid Edge rental program if your usage is only a month here or there.


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Re: solid edge st2 windows 8

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PLM World Member Legend
IIRC ST2 was not supported on Windows 8. I would be surprised if ST2 will install on a Win 8 system, but you might be able to run it on a virtual machine with Win 7. Running on a VM is not recommended/supported, but might get you out of a bind.

To discuss how you might transfer your existing license to another drive, I suggest you talk to your VAR 1st.