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hi there, my name is san and i am a cad student. i have taken solid edge as my project for analysis, i have no experience with this software and i am benchmarking it with inventor. so any information that you find which makes solid edge stand out from other softwares or any information regarding solid edge or about the comparison with inventor will be of great help.

thank you.



Re: solid edge.

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Hi, Welcome to the Solid Edge forum.


The kind of comparison information that you seek is mostly available with resellers.

Try to locate a Solid Edge reseller in your area an check if they could help you with this.


If you have any specific command in other CAD software that you would like to know the way it works in Solid Edge, do post it on this forum and expect great replies.


Best wishes.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: solid edge.

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I will start with this:


Inventor: Autodesk, USA

Solid works, DSS, France

Solid Edge, Siemens, Germany


all of these "midrange modelers" started in the 90's and are still progressing. but each shows it's colors as they become mature.


The underlying issues are:

Solid works has "work arounds" for many common procedures and the largest user base of any of them.

Solid Edge is the most user frendly and uses the least unique terms. It also is the best in sheet metal, and keeping the drafting simple to control.

Inventor is likly the most rebust in that you can model the most different things and handle more situations.


For your report, I would also look at the kurnal (the fundimental 3D calculation program) history of each program. Look up pera-solid

Solid edge owns that pera-solid kurnal and has figured out a more direct interface with it than others. they packeged that up into "synchronous"

Re: solid edge.


thanx a lot mate....Smiley Happy also to all that responded....

also ...i am planing to buy this software, anyone know whats the cost of a solid edge software in new zealand. i know its a hard question because various factors depend on the price when dealing with a vendor, but still anyone could give me a close figure??


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Well hello there, fellow Kiwi....where abouts in NZ are you located?


Like you say, there are various factors, as in build levels, of Solid Edge....but for what we use hereat the company I play [work] at, "Solid Edge - Classic", you're looking at around NZ$13K....but absolutely check with our great NZ reseller [CAD Image PLM] for a more accurate quote.

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Re: solid edge.




As you said you're a student, you can download the student version for free.


May I ask what your project is for and why you chose Inventor as the comparison product?


I'm a native SE user but had to learn Inventor at my current company, so I may be of some help.