st10 technical Publications

Just installed ST10 so I can try the new Technical Publications.....


Cannot use as told its an add disappointing Smiley Sad

the one thing (in along time of SE releases) I thought I could use/try as it looks great ...



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Hi @Redcad2




I also thought this to be part at least in Premium Solid Edge, if not in Classic also.

But as it seems, it is not part of any existing license level.


Maybe a policy similar to the KeyShot implementation would be preferable.


Or at least a good upgrade offer, ...




Re: st10 technical Publications



It is not part of either Solid Edge packages, you have to buy it... 





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It makes you wonder how it comes under the "Whats new IN Solid Edge" section. Generally Siemens is VERY poor informing what level is needed to actually use the advertised products.


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Re: st10 technical Publications

Couldn't agree more; it is written specifically as though it is a new feature. Quite frankly, for me, this release is very disappointing with new functionality. On the plus side it appears quicker.


The only thing I thought was worthy of my annual subscription was the technical publications.  I shall be taking a long look at my investments in design software over this next year especially to see if I'm better off looking elsewhere. 

Smiley Sad days