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 I am using solidedge st8 and vendor is using solid edge st5.2D drawings which i drafted in st8 cannot be able to open in st5.can anyone suggest me which format should i have to save so that he can able to open and edit the drawings 


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The DWG format is a de facto standard and also highly recommended though you can use IGES as well.

The problems with IGES is dimensions will come in as groups but with DWG dimensions, blocks, hatch pattern and blocks will be converted back to their equivalents in Solid Edge.


It will be fun but you also have a plethora of Options in the SaveAs and Open dialogs to fine tune what and how drawings objects are converted in the round trip between your Solid Edge versions.


Lots of help is also available on this forum, if you search, when having very specific queries related to the translation.


~Tushar Suradkar


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Thanks for your reply.

 I have one more concern that, in solidworks we have a option called pack and go for copying complete set of files including drawings, is there any similar option in solidedge st8

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Yes, the application is called Revision Manager.


ST 9 has the full Pack and Go feature which is similar to the one in SW.

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but our software is not linked to any PLM or PDM software without that we cannot revision manager i guess. if it is possible can you please explain the procedure how to use the same

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PDM or PLM is not required for using Revision Manager to copy or move a bunch of related files.

See the answer to this question which details the steps to copy a group of files and still maintain the associations or links.