surface to solid...

Keep'm only asking. ^^
The attached file.
The surface file.
I want to convert it into a solid.

What to do? ... How?



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Hello Hclee,


Seems that you open foreign cad/neutral file into solidedge.


have you try to open the file into Assembly?


if the original / foreign cad/ neutral file you opened is already converted from assembly to part (previous user).

im sure u can use multybody design to make it solid with view steps.



Re: surface to solid...

Hi @Hclee


Has an error opening the file, which type of extension opened? I advise you to open the file again in assembly, if the error persists have to rebuild the open surfaces that can generate a solid which leads to more work, otherwise would be the best design from scratch.





Re: surface to solid...

Thank you~


I would like to know the process of conversion to solid.

Did you convert any way?

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Do you still have the raw file, that you can post here? [before you opened in Solid Edge] That would be a better place to start to "fix" it.

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Re: surface to solid...

Sean is right. Just looking at the picture I can see other errors like the right screw head not being correct.