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synchronous Stretch

Hi edge users ..
It is a synchronous feature.
I just selected and dragged the area to reduce it.
An exclamation point occurs.
It's a simple figure that I see ...
Why can not I stretch?




t is a simple image like the picture.
I can not reduce it.


On the other hand, you can move to the face movement function in the net format.
Why is this so?


Because of these things ...
It's hard to move synchronously.
What is not there?


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4 weeks ago

Betreff: synchronous Stretch

Hi @Hclee




this behaviour could be explained by te bad and ugly geometry.


the upper and lower plane face are not parallel neither is the right cylinder tangent to them (which due to the nonparallel will not be possible)


You can - in this state expand the cylinder to the right but there will be a limit shorten it to the left.


If You correct this geometry as  I suppose it to be everything works pretty fine.


See a picture from the bad end where You can see the non-tangent conditin





Setting upper/lower face parallel will solve it.



Betreff: synchronous Stretch

Thank you for always. Hawcad
This shape is moved from synchronous to modeling after net form.
I do not know when this happened ...
Is there anything that can automatically correct this relationship? ..

Betreff: synchronous Stretch

3D relationships  / face relate tools

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Betreff: synchronous Stretch

Hi @Hclee



see attached video for "How to solve Your issue!"