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synchronous loft dimensions

Is there a way to migrate sketch dimensions in a synchronous loft?  Is it better to not dimension the sketch and add PMI after the loft to save time?

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Are you asking to migrate the dimensions from the sketch...

Are you asking to migrate the dimensions from the sketch to the 3D geometry?


Synchronous loft dimensions may or may not do you any good. If the faces created by the loft are complex (spline based), then you won't be able to change the loft, so the dims probably will not help. If the loft produces analytical faces (planar, conical, spherical, etc) then you may be ok. If it doesn't move itself, and you can't reapply it manually, then your faces or edge may have slipped into the spline area.


If you really need to be able to use dimensions to change a loft and you can't do it in Synch, then the option that remains is Ordered. Complex shapes offer some limitations in Synch.



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