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the motion of an engine


Hello everyone,
I have created an assembly for this engine.
But I don't know what kind of forces/joints/couplers should I create to obtain the result from the below image...Could anyone help me, please?
Thank you so much!


Re: the motion of an engine

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

If you've assembled the engine using the standard relationships (mate, align, etc) it should be quite easy from here. You will use a ROTATIONAL MOTOR to drive it.


First check that your constraints allow it to move. You can do this by choosing the DRAG COMPONENT command an manually moving the motor axis to see if everything else acuates as planned.


If it does not, then check your constraint system. You will want Axial Align constraints at each of the pin rotation joints and make sure they are not locked. 


Once your system is correct and it moves, then add a ROTATIONAL MOTOR to the drive axis. And then do SIMULATE MOTOR to drive it. 


If you don't know where these commands are, use Command Finder (bottom right of SE) and key in Motor or Drag or whatever and it will locate them for you.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: the motion of an engine


Thank you so much for your answer. It was very helpful for me. I have one more question, please. If I want to do this motion with COSMOSMotion,what couplers should I create/ what forces should I aplly and where should I apply them? Thank you so much!