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unable to get the software to sart


i installed the software and did the license i keep getting a message that it can
not connect to the server can some one help

Re: unable to get the software to sart

There are typically two reasons you may get this error.
1. The license file cannot be found by the software.
The license file must be in a specific folder to be found by the software.
This folder is "Your installation Drive (C: for example)\Program Files\Solid
Edge 2D Drafting V19\Program". There is a subfolder under "Solid Edge 2D
Drafting V19" called "Program". Look in this folder to see if there is a
file called SELicense.dat. If it is not there, a common mistake is that you
may have put the license in the "Solid Edge 2D Drafting V19" folder and not
in the "Program" folder under it. There is a default SELicense.dat file in
this folder that you are to overwrite with the one from the email. The error
you are getting tells me that the software cannot find the original license
in this folder or the new license file in this folder.
Also check to make sure that you renamed the license from the email
correctly. The name should be "SELicense.dat". On some machines it is case
sensitive. Another common problem it that you may have renamed the file to
"SELicense.dat.dat" You may have done this if you have file name extensions
turned off in Windows Explorer. With the extensions turned off, you will not
see the last ".dat" in the filename.
2. You may have opened the file and corrupted it.
Please do not open the license file that was attached to the email. Just
rename it as directed. Opening the file and saving without making any
changes still may corrupt the file. Renaming the file will not corrupt the
Hopefully this will help.
Rick B.