unrolling of a .par

Hello everybody,


I´m new with ST7, I learned to use CATIA, so I can´t help to me unroll my constructed figure.


May you can help me. It´s a .par


Re: unrolling of a .par

might consider this a sheet metal part and "Flatten" 

or, as a part use the blank body command





Re: unrolling of a .par

Muschel, could you attach the part file?

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: unrolling of a .par



Here is a video what contains similar parts as yours:



Sheetmetal material thickness should be equivalent and you have to be in Ordered mode!


Or use what was suggested by @MattJohnsonPAC!





Betreff: unrolling of a .par

Thanks all of you for your help!


With the command flattern of a part I "just" get a surface? Because I want to work (bevelling) at the unrolled part and bend it again.


For the moment I´ll try to create my modell as a sheet metall (only with one thickness) , so I think your video will help me a lot.


At the moment I´m not able to upload my part, but I will try later.