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Re: variable driven values in BOMs


I was thinking the same thing but figured it would be far beyond current capabilities of SE.

Re: variable driven values in BOMs



We do work for several clients and they only want drawings on their borders, so we are stuck with column widths that date back 30 years.

The methods also date back that far (and further) - eg. no multi-sheet drawings, each sheet has to have its own drawing number and I've already explained in other threads about balloons having numbers or letters.

Mechanical & electrical drawings (wiring diagrams etc)  have different borders. We noticed the amendment columns on one of the electrical borders had slightly different widths. We use tables driven by a macro for adding title block & revision information, so the different widths messed that up a bit. We asked if we could correct them and make them equal but were told no, you can't do that.

Ok, can we rotate the table (it is currently multiple vertical blocks of columns along the bottom of the sheet ie. pages of a table) so that it is one set of columns? No, sorry, can't do that either.



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