xpres Route and Hydraulic Hoses

Does anyone use Xpres route for hydraulic hoses? If so what process do you use to create them etc?







Re: xpres Route and Hydraulic Hoses

We model a lot of hoses.  You can use Xpres Route to draw a straight line framework, and then apply a curve (connecting to mid points, and/or end points of the framework.)  Use the curve to define the tube.  Adjust the straight line framework to adjust the curve.


Similarly, you can use 3D sketch to build a framework, and then use a curve and sweep a profile along the curve. 


Wire Harness can also be used to model a hose if it is set up with hose data.



Jason Inglis



Re: xpres Route and Hydraulic Hoses

Hi Jason


I didn't make myself too clear, sorry about that.


Do you create a new assembly for each hose and make it an adjustable assembly. Then connect the hydraulic hose adaptors (eg a swept 90 and straight) to the correct fittings and then add the curve?


I'm stuck on the right procedure/best practice to create a hydraulic hose assembly.







Re: xpres Route and Hydraulic Hoses

Yes.  We create a subassembly for any hose that has an xpres route path, or will be a combination of ends and hose.  This allows the xpres route path to be kept with the tube it defines.  


We avoid interpart links for most of our parts, so our xpres route process is:


Place ends in the upper assembly where they will attach.

Transfer the hose ends to a new subassembly.

Ground one end (or both.)

Create the path and tube.

Return to the upper assembly, and relate grounded end to fitting.



The hose can be made adjustable, and the second end could be positioned at the upper assembly level.  Some of our guys prefer to do this others don't.