xpress route & tubes

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Is there an easy way to find the length of a tube, created in XPress Route (XPR)? We use XPR tubes in subassemblies (flange-tube-flange) of flexibles. We alway have to open the sub assembly, go to express route, check the length in the bend table.

It would be easy if the length was written in some variable and accessible from the main assembly.


Thx, Johan


Re: xpress route & tubes

Could this feature be added in the next release?

Re: xpress route & tubes

Probably not since it is slated to be out in a couple months.  You will first have to log an IR for an Enhancement Request either directly with GTAC if in the Americas or through your VAR if any where else (or optionally in the Americas).  If you are using a free version or don't have maintenance, then you're out of luck and dependent on maintenance paying customers to request it if they feel they need/want it.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10