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3D Rendering Tips in KeyShot: Depth of Field

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Depth of field drastically increases the photorealism of a render. It gives a very dramatic effect to your images. A word of caution though: You should not make it too heavy, as it can also ruin much of the subject involved. I'm always a bit in doubt when using depth of field. The reason being sometimes you want to emphasize a certain part of your design, but at the same time, you want to show more of that glorious geometry in the same image. At the end of the day, it's all a matter of taste.


This post comes from expert @MagnusS in the forum. Magnus has been using KeyShot for several years and was asked to share his tips for achieving such beautiful 3D renders with those in the community. 

Depth of Field (DOF)


  • Adding the DoF
    Adding a DoF-effect is pretty straight forward. You simply access the Camera tab under project and tick the little box at the bottom. You then proceed by simply clicking on the part of the geometry you want to have in focus:

  • Increasing the effect
    Sometimes, you may want to increase the effect. Or maybe the initial effect is too heavy, so you want to decrease it. Either way, this can easily be adjusted by dragging the F-Stop slider. Lower values increase the effect, while higher values decrease the effect.

  • Render settings using DoF
    If you use the render settings to export the image, note that the DoF slider will decide how high quality your blurring will be. If you leave it at 1, you may get grainy blurring, which is OK for test renders. If you aim to make the final images, it is recommended that you increase the slider to a value between 35. Keep in mind that this will increase render time dramatically, depending on the complexity of the geometry.


I recommend playing around a bit with DoF. It's very simple to add, and can potentially add huge dramatic impact to your design, as well as increasing the photorealism of your rendered image. 

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