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3D Text Extrusions in Solid Edge

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Siemens Experimenter

Solid Edge’s Text Profile command makes it easy to create 3D text extrusions—allowing you to emboss or engrave letters on the surface of a part, such as company name or usage instructions, to cut sheet metal for creating stencils, and to create similar effects where the outline of letters with various fonts needs to be displayed on the machined surface.


3D Text Extrusions 1.png


The process starts with invoking the Text dialog, which hosts a convenient editor. The editor has controls to specify various characteristics of the text profile, such as font, letter size (as per company standards), line and letter spacing, text alignment and the margin.


3D Text Extrusions 2.png


The next step involves projecting the text profile on the surface. This is done using the Project command, which first asks for the curve to be projected.


3D Text Extrusions 3.png


Pick the text profile, then specify the surface on which the text profile needs to be projected. Finally, point the direction towards the surface to create a set of curves identical to the text profile on the surface of the part.


3D Text Extrusions 4.png


The original text profile can be hidden from the Pathfinder. Now, using the regular extrude command, simply extrude the curves to the required height.


3D Text Extrusions 5.png


Solid Edge also provides features to arrange a text profile over an arc or a freeform curve. To do this, again invoke the Text dialog, type in the text, adjust the size and simply hover the mouse cursor over the arc. If required, adjust the anchor point to suit your needs.


3D Text Extrusions 6.png


For curved surfaces, start by creating a reference plane first, tangent to the surface. The text can be extruded with equal ease on this new tangent plane but to create the curves, letters need to be wrapped over the surface for uniform extrusion.


3D Text Extrusions 7.png


Solid Edge comes to the rescue again by providing the Wrap Sketch command, which places the text profile properly on the curved surface. Using the Wrap Sketch command, the text can be wrapped on the curved surface in a single step. This command asks for a surface to wrap on to and the curve to be wrapped.


3D Text Extrusions 8.png


When a curve is wrapped over the face, the Normal Extrude command can be used to extrude the curve out and away from the surface. Using this command, you can create text that extrudes out from the surface with uniform height in all directions. The extruded text is retained as a feature so you can easily assign it a color or texture.


3D Text Extrusions 9.png


The Text Profile command in Solid Edge not only allows you to extrude text with a standard font, but facilitates applying the desired appearance and style to the extruded text giving a realistic and elegant look to your final product.


Watch the video tutorial here: