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Adiós Revision Manager APIs

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

You are probably already aware that the Revision Manager application was replaced by Design Manager with new features. This change was not only limited to interactive usage of the application, but also impacted its automation users. There was some communication to users regarding deprecated APIs via API Help for each one of them.


With respect to changes on automation side, previously there was a single tlb (iCnct.tlb) which had all the APIs related to Revision Manager and View and Markup applications. In Solid Edge 2019, APIs for both the applications were separated in two different tlbs.


  • Design Manager APIs- DesMgr.tlb
  • View and Markup APIs – iCnct.tlb.


These newly added tlbs will impact automation users if they wish to make changes in the existing application or develop an application from scratch.


1.     Existing Application

If you have an application developed using Revision Manager APIs, then it will not have any impact. While making these changes, Siemens PLM Software has taken utmost care of existing users to make sure that all the existing applications of users do not break.


2.     Modify Existing Application

If you have an application developed using Revision Manager APIs and would like to add more functionality or features to it, then you will have to do some minor rework in the code.


First, a mandatory step is to replace the reference of iCnct.tlb with DesMgr.tlb. But along with that, you have to replace following APIs if it’s used in their code.


  1. The way of creating an instance of Design Manager application is different. Here's some sample code.
  2. OpenFileInRevisionManager API is replaced by OpenFileInDesignManager.
  3. SetActionInRevisionManager API is replaced by SetAction API.
  4. SetActionForAllFilesInRevisionManager API is replaced by SetActionForAllFiles API.
  5. PerformActionInRevisionManager API is replaced by PerformAction API.
  6. IncrementNameInRevisionManager API is replaced by IncrementName.


Please note that future Design Manager APIs will be added to DesMgr.tlb.


3.     Develop an application from scratch

To develop an application using Design Manager APIs, add reference of DesMgr.tlb in your Visual Studio solution. Click here for sample code and the list of methods/properties.


If you still have questions or suggestions about Revision Manager / Design Manager APIs, feel free to message me directly. Happy Coding!!!