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Advanced Design Intent in Solid Edge

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For designers and engineers, models can relay intended design and meaningful relationships, instead of just being a series of extrudes, holes and cuts with nothing other than dimensions to place them. In the CAD universe we call this “Design Intent”: the intelligence that designers build into CAD models so that changes can be made predictably. Synchronous technology in Solid Edge recognizes and maintains design intent on the fly, giving us sensible and predictable changes, and allowing for faster revisions. Synchronous technology also has the ability to recognize design intent from non-native cad files, by using face relationships to control the model behavior when moving faces and editing dimensions.


On selecting a face, the Design Intent panel opens with options that allow you to control intent previously built into the model. Using the options, you can decide how much is preserved or ignored as you make an edit.  Most common and predictable relationships like symmetry, concentricity, aligned and coplanar built into the model when it was developed are displayed initially.


Advanced Design Intent 1.png


But sometimes you need to access additional relationships like tangent and parallel and a more granular control via dimensions, variable values and formulas built into the model. Clicking the "Advanced..." option at the bottom of the box opens the Advanced Design Intent panel, presenting all possible relations between selected and unselected faces.


Advanced Design Intent 3.png



For example, the Maintain Symmetry about Base Planes and Maintain Aligned Holes relations when turned off result in modification of only the selected slot. 


 Advanced Design Intent 4.png


By turning on the Maintain Aligned Holes relationship, Solid Edge re-analyzes the model and slots aligned to the selected one in X-direction and the Y-direction are now modified too.


Advanced Design Intent 5.png


But there is more design intent built into the model, and the Advanced Design Intent panel helps realize it. Further, turning the Maintain Symmetry about Base Planes relation on achieves the full design intent of the pattern of slots. Note that all slots which are both aligned and symmetric about both axes to the selected one are now updated with change in the original.


Advanced Design Intent 6.png



Each of the icons on the panel represents a different relationship. An activated icon represents a relationship that is evaluated and preserved. Thus, Solid Edge provides for all possible geometric manipulation facilities on both native and imported 3D models to get the results you seek.


To see this process in action, check out the video: