Advanced Wire Harness Methods

by Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter on ‎11-04-2015 01:31 PM (586 Views)

This presentation will introduce you to Solid Edge’s Wire Harness functionality, as well as show what’s new in Solid Edge ST8 in the area of wire harness. We will take an in-depth look at how to read in harness information from other ECAD systems and how to create wires, cables, bundles and splices. We will also look into creating nailboards from the harness design for production and manufacturing purposes. This presentation is geared towards those users whose product design includes both mechanical and electrical information.

by Dreamer
on ‎12-27-2016 01:03 AM

Thanks for this good pdf.Smiley Happy
Let me know more about formboard & wiring diagrame.

by Experimenter
on ‎03-10-2017 09:06 AM

Is it possible to create striped wires using the wire harness or can only solid colors be assigned?