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Assembly Driven from Excel - Kenesto Drive Revisions


Come see how you can drive assembly information from Excel.  In this session we’ll show a square tubing frame assembly that is constrained to update as the tube size and lengths change.  An Excel file with formulas and drop down boxes and data entry boxes are linked to the variable table of the parts to drive the assembly.  By changing only 5 cells in Excel file, we can modify the tube size, tube wall thickness, frame length, frame width, and frame height.  The ABB/Jocab Safety Fencing on two sides of the frame also update automatically.  Come see how the parts are constrained and how we link the parts variable table with Excel.  This assembly can be shared and viewed by others without the use of CAD software by using the Kenesto Drive, requiring only an internet connection to view the model.  The Kenesto Drive can also keep track of all the revisions that have taken place.

Retired Community Manager for Solid Edge. This account is no longer active.