Changing the default file format from ISO to ANSI

by Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter ‎03-11-2013 12:19 PM - edited ‎03-11-2013 12:19 PM (5,995 Views)


Is it possible to change the default file format that you see when you open the program from ISO to ANSI, without uninstalling the software?



  • Start Solid Edge
  • Click the round 'Application Menu' button at the top left
  • Click 'Solid Edge Options' button
  • Go to 'Helpers' tab
  • Click 'Edit Creation Options' button to specify the templates used to create files.

You can add template files to or remove template files from the list. You can also Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the list of templates. The 'Set Default  Templates' button can be used to specify the default template name and location for the different document types.