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Copy Sketch from Assembly to Part

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Siemens Experimenter


What is the easiest way copy a sketch from an assembly into a new part file?


In the assembly, edit the profile of the sketch. While in the profile, perform a Ctrl + A (Select All), then a Ctrl + C (Copy). In the part file, go to the Sketch command and select the desired reference plane that you want the sketch to be on. Ctrl + V to Paste.


Wouldn't it be easier to from within the assembly to just use the copy sketch command, then select the sketch to be copied, select the part you want it copied to and then finish the command? You don't even have to go into the part you want the sketch in, heck, you don't even have to open the sketch you want copied. No need to pick a plane, and all of it is linked as well so editing the original sketch is the same thing as editing the part sketch as well.


I know that this might an old post, In ST9, if you right click on the sketch while in assembly mode.

click on "Copy Sketch" and then a dialog box pops up and query the target file in the assembly

Choose your target file and tada!  Your sketch is coped directly to that part on and in the correct place.