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Create & Verify Motion in Assemblies While Avoiding Collisions & Interferences

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Matt Johnson, Application Engineer, Ally PLM Solutions 

Level: Advanced

Explore beyond assembly relationships and study the effects of relationships on the assembly dynamically.  What DOF still exist? What motion is possible? What interferences or collisions might exist?   Considering form, fit and function, we will review the tools Solid Edge provides to assure our assemblies meet the requirements while checking for collisions and interferences.  We will create function driven variables and also apply motors to simulate motion.  Lastly, we will explore tools to create safe zones in assemblies; zones that must remain free from obstruction during assembly motion.  Any users with experience in the assembly environment will gain insight, but this session is specifically intended for advanced users who work with master model assemblies to verify form, fit, function and interference checks.  After a quick introduction and overview of features & functionality, this session will consist primarily of live demo.  Make accurate assemblies, verify design intent, and become better at top level assembly designer.   Q&A as time allows.