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How to Easily Configure Solid Edge Data Management


There are many aspects to data management in Solid Edge, such as Indexing options, indexing attributes, NTFS permissions, shared folder permissions, indexing status, Fast Search scope definition, and more. If any of these go wrong, Solid Edge Fast Search functionality ceases to work. We understand that keeping track of all these aspects is not an easy task; hence, we have developed a tool called Solid Edge data management Diagnostic application that will check the configuration error and help to correct it.


This Diagnostic application (BuiltinDiagApp.exe) is available in <Solid Edge\Fast Search install directory>/Program folder. Run this application on client and server machines with administrative privileges. If there is any configuration issue(s), the application will highlight the error(s) and provide a quick way to repair these.


Solid Edge Data Management Diagnostic Tool 1.png


This utility ensures that the following required settings outlined below are met:


  • Validate Search Service ensures that the machine has Windows Search service up and running.
  • Validate Service Account guarantees that the Windows Search service is running on Local System account.
  • Validate Property Handler Registration confirms that the Solid Edge Property handler is correctly registered in the Windows Operating system.
  • Validate Schema Path ensures that the property schema file (seprops.propdesc) physically exists at the registered location defined in - Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PropertySystem\PropertySchema
    Please note: Microsoft has fixed the maximum schema registration count limitation in Microsoft updates (May 2018); hence, it is recommended to always keep Windows up to date.
  • Validate Indexing properties ensures that the Solid Edge custom properties are registered correctly in the Windows Operating system.
  • Validate Fast Search Scope certifies all files/folders defined in the fast search scope are indexed.
  • Validate Indexing Attributes ensures that “Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to the file properties” property is set on all files/folders defined in the fast search scope.
  • Enable Auditing: If you periodically experience problems with Solid Edge property schemas, these could be the result of either installing or updating another application, installing the latest updates, or antivirus software. In this case, we recommend you use Enable Auditing to identify the cause of the problem.
    Note: Because enable auditing grows the logs very fast, we recommend this utility only when required.  

Finally, when all your validations are successful you are good to go…!


Solid Edge Data Management Diagnostic Tool 2.png

Tips and Tricks

If you are storing data on a remote Fast Search server AND if you are running the diagnostic application on any Solid Edge client machine, then skip/deselect the below two validations:

  • Validate Fast Search Scope
  • Validate Indexing Attributes

Because this tool can’t validate or correct Fast server configuration from Solid Edge client. To validate this run the utility on Fast Search server machine.


In conclusion, the Solid Edge data management Diagnostic Application helps you to configure Solid Edge data management properly without anyone’s assistance. There are many aspects to Solid Edge data management, and it can be difficult to identify the cause of errors when the Fast Search capability ceases to work. This tool—which is now delivered with Solid Edge and Fast Search setup starting in Solid Edge ST10 Maintenance Pack 4—makes it easier to check for and correct these configuration errors that may occur, so you can get Fast Search working again quickly and with ease!


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