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How to Safely Migrate Your Data from Solid Edge Insight


Solid Edge Insight is retiring in Solid Edge 2019, and has naturally triggered a need of migration utilities that could help our Insight customers to easily and safely extract all their data “AS IS” from Insight server to the disk / in Solid Edge data management. These Insight Migration utilities are now available on  the GTAC website for download. 


Insight Migration utilities contains the following:


InsightServerDataPrepTool_2010.exe or InsightServerDataPrepTool_2013.exe

This utility will connect to Insight server instance installed on SharePoint 2010/2013 and extract all data and Meta data from one or more site collection to the provided location on disk.


Run InsightServerDataPrepTool_2010.exe utility on Insight Server machine with administrator privilege and follow simple steps as shown below


Insight Migration 1.png


This will download Insight data (of specified file extensions) from all Insight site collection(s) under provided web app URL along with its Meta data in a separate XML file (per Insight document) to the download location.



This utility will work on extracted data on the disk. It helps in basic data prep activities like – Reset status, apply status, move files based on lifecycle status, link-fix up etc.


Run Insight_Prep_Tools.exe with administrator privilege on Client machine having Solid Edge installed and follow simple steps shown below in the given sequence.


On Initial data preparation tab, follow below steps –

Insight Migration 2.png

Go to Solid Edge data management tab and follow below steps –


Insight Migration 3.png

Tips and Tricks:

  1. The Insight Migration utilities are multi-lingual application. Hence the migration process should be easy especially for non-English Insight customer site.
  2. All downloaded files needs to be indexed before running Apply Revision History.
  3. Before deleting Meta data files, please run data prep utility to confirm there are no broken links.

In conclusion, you can use the steps in this article to safely migrate from Insight to Solid Edge data management without losing any of your important data. 

Community Manager, Solid Edge
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