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How to cut text in a part



I would like to know how to cut text trough a part?


I put some text on the part but i can't extrude it...


Could you guy's tell me how to do it?

Thank you for your answer.


However, that's what i did. I have the text sketch on the part face but selecting it allow me to modify or move the text but i can't extrude it. 

ok i found it...


I had to select the extrude too and use "simple" option to extrude it.


Thank you

Is there any fonts that have the letter attached?...   i mean if you want to cut domething like a D a P or O, you want the inner to be attached. or i have to manually attached it?



Sketching tab of the Ribbon in the Insert section you will find Text Profile.  Use that to create the text sketch and then extrude it to create your cut.

Look for "Solid Edge Stencil".

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