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Improved Design Collaboration with Solid Edge Portal: Use Case

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Siemens Genius

Collaboration is an important consideration for designers and engineers. Whether you are a large firm or corporation or a small independently owned operation, chances are you work with multiple vendors. The Solid Edge Portal lets you share your designs easily with others, and they can even provide feedback or make changes as needed and send the files back to you. Today's post looks at a specific use case to show you how this necessary aspect of product development is facilitated with a tool like the Solid Edge Portal.

Using the Solid Edge Portal to collaborate with vendors 


There are many ways to use the Solid Edge Portal for collaboration.  In our manufacturing workflow, we use the Solid Edge Portal as the primary method for our purchasing department to procure quotes and share models to the vendor(s) selected for manufacturing the components. 


In this use case, our engineering department provides the purchasing department two components that are needed to manufacture an assembly for the base of a hydraulic cylinder.

BP.png Lug.png



The purchasing department identifies the vendors that they would like to have quote the parts, and shares the files using the Solid Edge Portal.  The vendors are given ‘View’ access to the components.  The vendors receive an email informing them that a project has been shared, effectively notifying them that a quote is being requested.





The vendors can then access the part files which contain PMI dimensions, tolerances and manufacturing information.  Any additional information requested can also be uploaded and shared to all vendors.



Once all vendors have submitted their quotes to the purchasing department, a decision is made as to which vendor will be manufacturing the components.  Once this selection is made the purchasing department will:

  1. Remove the share from all unselected vendors. These vendors will receive an email informing them the share has been removed, effectively notifying them that they were not selected to manufacture the components. 
  2. Modify the share for the selected vendor to ‘View and Download’. This vendor will receive an email informing them the share has been modified to ‘View and Download’, effectively notifying them that they were selected to manufacture the components.




The selected vendor now has the ability to download the model files.  The files can be used with CAM software for the vendor to generate NC programming, post processing and machine simulation.  Mark-ups can be done within the viewer, to easily and quickly collaborate between the Vendor, Purchasing and Engineering.


* Opinions expressed are my own.