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Industrial Machinery Wiring and Harness Design in Solid Edge


A new Industrial Parts Starter Library in the Wiring and Harness Design tools within Solid Edge make it easy to get started with wiring and harness design in Solid Edge. By using existing parts, you will not only save time but it helps keep your company compliant with industry standards. The parts library introduces a number of new electrical symbols and standard parts specifically for industrial machinery design. Download the new parts library available now from the GTAC download site.


Thanks to @Kev_Moran for the content in this post!


pic 1.png


The new libraries geared towards Industrial Machinery applications expand the current IEC Standards offering within the Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design tools with more than 1,400 new Parts & Symbols.


The Industrial Part Starter Library consists of:

  • Symbol Libraries
    • Industrial Symbol Library
    • Industrial 3D Symbol Library
  • Part Component Library, including Types codes:
    • K – Processing signals or information (Contactor, Relay)
    • Q – Controlled Switching or varying flow of energy (MCB, RCD, switch disconnector)
    • S – Converting manual operation into signal (pushbutton, switch)
    • X – Connecting objects (Terminals)


A full list of content can be found in the release notes, also available on the GTAC download site.


Configuration Requirements

The Industrial Parts Library was created in the tools of Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design – version 2018.1 and is compatible with this version and further versions of the software.



There is no extra licensing required in order to use this data. A license is required for whatever Solid Edge Wiring and Harness tools that are used.


Installation Instructions

To install the new Industrial Parts Starter Library in Solid Edge Wiring and Harness Design tools, follow the steps below.

  1. Open ElectricalSymbol
    1. Files > Import Library and multi-select the following files:
      1. IEC-Industrial Symbols.xml
      2. Industrial 3D Image Symbols.xml
    2. Open Electrical Parts
      1. File > Import
        1. Industrial Parts Starter Library.xml
        2. When prompted set these options in the dialog.
          pic 2.jpg


Once installed, you are ready to go! With more than 1,400 new parts and symbols available to you, electrical design for industrial machinery applications has never been easier. 

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