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Making a cylinder

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Siemens Experimenter


How do you make a cylinder in Solid Edge?


In Ordered:

1. Start the 'Extrude' command available on the command ribbon

2. In the Sketch step, create a plane on which you intend to draw the sketch --   various options are available in the drop down

3. Then draw a circle on the   plane. Create a dimension to that circle so that you can change it later.   Close the sketch environment.

4. In the Extent step, you'll see a preview   that updates with your mouse movement. You can type in an exact distance as   well. Also check out the various options available in this step.

5. Click and   Finish to complete the command.

6. You can quickly change the dimension from  the variable table or by using dynamic edit.


In Synchronous:

1. Draw a circle (sketch) on any plane.

2. Select the region formed by that circle.

3. Click   on the extrude handle to start the extrusion. Check out the various options   are available in this command.

4. Click to complete the command.

5. Select   the cylinder. A PMI dimension is automatically shown. Click that to change   the diameter.