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Material definition file

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Can the SolidWorks materials (.SLDMAT) files can be imported into Solid Edge?


Yes Solid Edge does have the capability to add SolidWorks material definitions to the Solid Edge material.mat file.

Option 1:

For releases including and prior to ST 6 the user can add  the SolidWorks material definitions to Solid Edge by using the  Material table editor delivered with Solid Edge. This command creates an .xls file from the existing Solid Edge material definition file. Using WordPad or a similar editor  the SolidWorks material definitions can be copied from the sldmat file to the xls file.  Once in xls format a second utility converts the .xls back to the material.mat file. This command can be found in the Solid Edge Custom folder. See: “Program Files\Solid Edge ST*\Custom\Material Table Editor” for more details.


Option 2:

This option is automated, but only available in ST6 and releases thereafter. As part of the SolidWorks data migration software a conversion utility “SWmat2SEMat.exe” is provided to convert the existing SolidWorks material definition file to Solid Edge. This utility is executed from a command line, and will convert the entire SolidWorks material definition file. See the ST 6 help files “SolidWorks data migration”  for more details.