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Meeting GOST Standards: with Symbol Line Thickness Support for GOST Weld Symbol

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer


As per the GOST standards, permanent joint symbols should have thicker line representation. To accomplish this behavior, Solid Edge 2019 enriched GOST weld symbol to support a separate line thickness for the permanent joint symbols as shown below.


ANSI/ISO weld symbol already supports a thicker line representation where “Symbol line width” dimension style parameter controls line width thickness separately. It can also be overridden from ‘Text and leader’ properties page.




The same dimension style parameter is supported for GOST weld symbol and exposed on ‘Text and leader’ properties page.




When symbol line width is changed, the line width is changed for permanent joint symbols only. This is supported for both draft and PMI GOST weld symbol. Pixel size PMI doesn’t honor this symbol line width parameter.


Below is an example of permanent joint symbols honoring symbol line width parameter.




To summarize, symbol line thickness support allows displaying thicker line representation for permanent joint symbols. This enhancement greatly improves the experience of using GOST weld symbols in Solid Edge.