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Migrate Your Documents from Insight to Solid Edge Data Management with Ease


This article was written by @Theodora_Mazza on the Solid Edge team. 


Easily migrate your documents from Insight to Solid Edge Data Management with a new set of migration utilities available from Siemens. By using the migration utilities, you ensure that file links, revision history, and file status are accurately maintained through the migration. You can download the migration utilities from the GTAC site (


The downloaded zip file includes:

  • A server-side utility—InsightServerDataPrepTool_2010.exe/ InsightServerDataPrepTool_2013.exe. You use this utility to extract your Insight data to the server. This utility simply takes the data you had in Insight and makes it the same in Solid Edge data management. For example, if you had no document numbers in Insight, you will have no document numbers after running this utility.
  • A client-side utility—Insight_Prep_Tools.exe. Use this utility to prepare your documents for import and perform data-management related tasks.client_utility.gif

Both the server and client utilities provide a user interface and a Help button for online help. We recommend that you review the Help to successfully extract from Insight and populate a vault for Solid Edge.


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