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Migrating to Solid Edge from SolidWorks or Pro/E

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Matt Lombard, Siemens PLM Software 

Level: Basic

If you make the switch from one of the other leading history-based modelers available today, to Solid Edge; there will be two areas you are most concerned with: moving your data and keeping some of the intelligence you built into the parts and assemblies, and understanding the Solid Edge interface and workflow. In this session I’ll show you the data migration tools, and get you started on the road toward being at home in Solid Edge.

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Solution Partner Legend

 Will it work for ProE in the same way?

I am focused on keeping the custom properties and the assembly realtionships from ProE-Files!


If I compare the Help pages SWX-Translation vs. ProE translation I see more detailed information for the SWX part!


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I've never run the Pro/E migrator. I don't have the Pro/E software. I'd imagine it works roughly the same. It could be that there were more custom properties type info in the SW file than the Pro file.


Current ST8 already opens ProE files except with 2D drawing.


Currently, practice is converting the ProE 2D drawing in DWG or DXF format.


Any idea as to when we can see Solid Edge opening the 2D drawing in ProE? 


We really can't speculate on stuff like this. We did add functionality to ST9 to read 'Works drawings and make them associative documents in Solid Edge.