New Solid Edge Book For Synchronous Technology

by MLombard on ‎11-03-2016 04:57 PM (572 Views)

Come to this session to get an overview of a new book written to explain synchronous technology to users of history-based CAD. We go through the philosophy of synchronous, how the tools work, and some of the advanced concepts involved in making assemblies with better edit-ability and fewer headaches than you can make with associative links.

by Dreamer
on ‎12-21-2016 01:09 PM

When do you think you will have this book completed?  I have some disgruntled users that havn't made the switch from SolidWorks to Solid Edge yet.  They are complaining about lack of training.  This looks like it will be a good book for them.

by MLombard
on ‎12-21-2016 02:28 PM

The book is completed from my point of view. It has been finished for a year, year and a half, depending on how you count it. There seems to be an internal difficulty of some sort when it comes to delivering it.

by Dreamer
on ‎12-21-2016 03:05 PM

Who would we have to talk to about getting this thing released?  I am willing to push it if necessary... at least make a big stink here on the forum....

The training materials we got a couple of years ago really suck.  They are wordy and you have to really hunt to find a quick answer. Plus they don't really cater to us history based modeling gurus like your book does.



by MLombard
on ‎12-21-2016 04:38 PM

Generally, if you want to escalate just about anything you could take it to Dan Staples or John Fox. Those are not the people responsible for the blockage. They have both been proponents of the project. They would know which levers to pull, and hearing it from someone other than me again would carry more weight.

by Creator
on ‎03-19-2017 08:02 PM

Any more news on the availability of this book?