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PMI dimensions in Draft

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Siemens Experimenter


I have PMI dimensions in my assembly but they are not displayed in draft?



After the PMI are created in the assembly, you need to create a model view of the PMI at the assembly level. While in the drawing view wizard, select the model view you just created. This will give you an option to display the PMI in the drawing view.

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Solution Partner Pioneer

My problem is that PMI are spread not only at assembly level but also on mounted components.

Does exist any way to flatten PMI dimensions so they are all available at assembly level, into the modelview ?

Otherwise, i would know as a workaround if it is possible to show ALL PMI into the draft view, irregardless

if the PMI dimension is at assembly level or at subpart level.

At this time, i am able to show into draft only PMI at assembly level, using a named modelview.

I'm under SE7.


Paolo Marani