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Part Painter in Assembly

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Why am I unable to use Part Painter, or to change part colors in Assembly?


This is a common issue, and is due to Color Manager Options being set to "Use Solid Edge Options color settings". Changing to "Use individual part styles" and adjusting the options to "Show part face colors" and "Show and allow assembly style overrides" solves the issue.


With the settings listed above correct, how do you "paint" an assembly then?  To specify the process in my parts, I have a part with a threaded hole that should not be painted until they are in an assembly welded together (they will plug the threaded hole at paint).  Typically we just select the top assembly and use Face Style to change the appearance or paint the entire assembly.  This changes the threaded hole to the color that is specified though and is my problem.


I think the nice feature about the Part Painter is the threaded holes are still shown at the part level and whenever placed in an assembly.  Is there any functionality to paint an assembly and leave the threaded hole (either made in the parts or assembly features) their default color?


I need a similar feature as well ... i need to paint a surface that results only after the cutout in the assembly


Even better it would be nice to paint the inside of a sketch, tried with hatch but didn't get the result I was looking for