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Pipe and Tube Routing - Piping Design in Solid Edge

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Siemens Experimenter

In addition to state-of-the-art product modeling capabilities, Solid Edge delivers efficient tools for pipe routing and tube routing, a must for many industrial applications. In this article, we will demonstrate the pipe routing capabilities of Solid Edge by completing the design for a vapor recovery system.


Pipe Routing 1.png


Pipe and tube routing functionality in Solid Edge supports different options for manually creating pipe and tube paths.  Shortcut keys help to lock onto an axis to ensure straight pipe runs between components, define length values for each pipe section, or lock into key points from other components to quickly complete the paths.


Pipe Routing 2.png


We can take full control of pipe section lengths by applying dimensions; for example, we want angular control for gravity fed routes. Once the path is created, standardized pipes and fittings are accessed through the Solid Edge Standard Parts Library.  Select the appropriate size and style and Solid Edge will generate the 3D pipe route.

 Pipe Routing 3.png


Piping Design.png


In contrast to the manual procedure, Solid Edge PathXpres automates routing. In modeling a drain tube between these two fittings, PathXpres provides several path options between the selected end points. PathXpres also allows definition of specific distance between a final bend and a fitting in accordance to standards or codes.


Piping Design 2.png


Tube ends can be independently customized based on attachment conditions.  In this case, we will provide a flanged end.  Control over both ends addresses scenarios where each tube end requires different attachment hardware.


Piping Design 3.png


Extending its pipe routing capabilities, Solid Edge excels in creating flexible hoses.  Sketching 3D splines assists in developing the hose path; again, making use of orientation locking using shortcut keys and snapping to existing part geometry.  Often hoses are purchased in specific lengths; to cater to this in Solid Edge, fixed length curve controls the exact physical length of the path. Look as the condenser component is moved, the hose maintains its length and changes its route to suit--valuable accuracy for validation.


Pipe and Tube Routing.png


Pipe and Tube Routing 1.pngPipe and Tube Routing 2.png


When it’s time to prepare for manufacturing, Solid Edge speeds drawing creation.  Accurate distributive system drawings usually include the equipment as well as the pipe and tube routing.  We want to display important components unobstructed by pipes, so we will use a predefined search query to quickly locate all the pipe route and represent the pipe segments by their centerlines.


Pipe Routing 4.png


Once the model contains the desired visual properties, a simple snapshot can be referenced into the drawing using Solid Edge’s Drawing View Wizard.  Whether the goal is to get top tube offsets quickly or to define the spacing between pipes and associated equipment, powerful dimensioning tools within Solid Edge drafting deliver manufacturing details quickly and effectively.


Pipe Routing 5.pngPipe Routing 6.png


We will represent a single piping section from the vapor recovery system on a second page.  Selecting one of the assembly’s display configurations and the view is populated with that sections relevant equipment and routing. 


Pipe Routing 7.png


Final pipe length information is highly valuable in determining how much stock to purchase.  Solid Edge automates access of design lengths making them available for placement into a table.  Because it’s fully dependent on any 3D design changes, this tabular information stays up-to-date.  This intelligent table provides handy reference back to the assembly as components highlight in the view as they are selected and component thumbnails can be quickly referenced.


Pipe Routing 8.png


To see pipe and tube routing in Solid Edge in action, check out the video below:



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

looks great but one question:

the piping industry is still very traditional and still use single line isometrics.

Can this routing module also generate usable isometrics?iso_3.jpg

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Solid Edge does not generate piping isometrics. Those interested in this can use SMAP3D Isometrics (, one of our 3rd party solutions.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor