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Quick Redesign with Design Manager

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You’re behind on an important project, you must complete a training course by the end of the week, you didn’t even have time for lunch, and now a customer wants you to redesign the handle of a coffee pot you created for them to make it look more ergonomic. And they want it by close of business. Today.














Design Manager can’t fetch lunch for you but can help you with the redesign. Using Design Manager, you can manage your documents by making new revisions of existing documents while maintaining the original versions, moving documents to new locations, applying document statuses, updating and maintaining references in the document hierarchy, and more.


In Solid Edge, open the coffee pot assembly.




From Solid Edge, open Design Manager.


In Design Manager, create a revision (B) of the original assembly (A) and save it in a new folder, named for example, Work in Progress. Now that the original version is preserved, you can modify and experiment with the revised assembly as needed.




Return to Solid Edge and in the revised assembly (B), modify the handle per customer specifications.




The handle is modified. The customer is satisfied. Yes – it is that easy! And you can make it home in time for dinner.