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SEU13: 118 - How to Educate Innovators - John Devitry

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

John Devitry, CAD Administrator, Space Dynamics Laboratory 

Any successful designer will claim that solving difficult engineering problems often requires new and unconventional perspectives.  While math and science are necessary, solving problems and creating a good design can often require using more of the right side of the brain than many people realize.  As we move from the logical linear Computer Age into the Conceptual Age (shaped by the artistic, agile, fresh and novel thinker), the employee of the future must excel in creative thinking and be able to make "connections between seemingly unrelated areas" in preparation for jobs that don't exist yet.  This session explores how to look at problems differently and unique ways to solve them with Solid Edge.  Solid Edge synchronous technology opens up new windows and angles in creative design previously unimaginable.  Any designer educated in a classic engineering curriculum can benefit from attending this session.  Several examples will be used to show how "big picture thinking" can help improve the creative thought process.