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SEU13: 129 - CAMWorks for Solid Edge Revolutionizing CNC programming within the Solid Edge design environment - Marc Bissell

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Marc Bissell, Senior Applications Engineer and Head of CAM Support, Geometric

This session will focus on the superior combination of synchronous technology and fully associated toolpaths from feature based CNC programming, taking prototyping and manufacturing to an entirely new level.  It is tailored for engineering and manufacturing professionals looking to reduce CNC programming time for production manufacturing of solid models.  This unique solution merges the two technologies, allowing the design model and manufacturing model become one and the same.  The toolpaths created using this embedded CAM solution update automatically to changes made to the model, thereby greatly accelerating prototype development and the design through manufacturing process.  The session will allow the users to understand how feature based programming combines with knowledge based machining; to automatically update the toolpaths to the design changes made using synchronous technology.  The traditional ways of programming may require recreation of profiles and chains.  However, this easy-to-use solution has the potential to reduce the programming and reprogramming time from hours to minutes.