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Solid Edge Command Ribbon Shortcuts

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With the fluent ribbon interface in Solid Edge, there are new ways to navigate to the commands you need. Keyboard shortcuts save you time when issuing various draw, edit and view manipulation commands in Solid Edge. In this article, we'll review ways to navigate using shortcuts, as well as how to create new custom shortcuts. 


Begin by pressing the ALT key, which presents the shortcut keys for the commands.


Command Ribbon Shortcuts 1.PNG


Commands for the quick access toolbar, ribbon bar, and Solid Edge application menu can all be accessed here. For example:


  • ALT + H: accesses the Home tab on the ribbon
  • ALT + A: accesses the Application menu

Once a tab on the ribbon is activated, the keystrokes for commands hosted on the tab are displayed.


Command Ribbon Shortcuts 2.PNG


For example, pressing A + B: initiates the "Angle Between" command.


Alternatively, simply key-in numbers for fast access to frequently used commands on the quick access toolbar:

  • ALT + 1: save the file currently open
  • ALT + 4: open a file

Keyboard shortcuts also appear in front of the commands, for example, Ctrl + O for "Open."


Command Ribbon Shortcuts 3.PNG


Commands that do not have a keyboard shortcut can be easily assigned one. Solid Edge provides users with the option to set custom keyboard command shortcuts. Click the "Customize" button on the quick access toolbar, and select "Customize" from the menu. In the "Customize" dialog, navigate to the command you want, select the keyboard modifier of your choice and assign the key field. Click "Close" and save changes to the theme. The keyboard shortcut now appears in the tooltip for the button, and the keyboard shortcut activates the command. 


Command Ribbon Shortcuts 5.PNG

Custom shortcuts can even be applied to all environments. This results in a more intuitive, convenient interface that more readily responds to the use patterns of each individual.


Using shortcuts to access commands from the ribbon, quick access bar and the application menu can speed up your modeling and drawing process. Watch the video below to see see this process in action, and learn how keyboard commands improve workflow: