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Solid Edge Portal Enhancements

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Solid Edge Portal Enhancements


This article explains new enhancements to Solid Edge Portal. These enhancements are useful for vendors that work with multiple CAD file formats. Users can view CAD files, share files with others, give and receive feedback and modify design accordingly.


Assembly Support

You can now upload NX, SolidWorks, ProE, and Inventor assembly and part files to Solid Edge Portal. There you can select, review, and manage individual part, component, and subassembly files in the model, just as you do for Solid Edge assemblies.

You need to upload assembly and all its part files in one go to see assembly data correctly.


If you upload assembly and only some of its parts, you should be able to see that assembly. Pathfinder will list out all the uploaded parts. Missing file entries will be disabled, and warning icon will be seen in front of the file name. As you hover mouse on it you will see a tooltip ‘Missing File’.




If you upload only assembly then portal will display an error icon on project page.



This feature is especially useful for design collaboration as many vendors use multiple types of CAD systems, and thus will have many different file types to work with.


Delete Markup


You can delete redline markups created in a previous session from the Markup views section in Pathfinder. This capability lets you manage the markups in your drawing or model and removes markups that are no longer needed.

If you are the owner of the project, you can delete your markups as well as those created by your collaborators. Collaborators can only delete markups they added.

  1. In Pathfinder, expand the Markup views section to see all of the markups and markup groups in the document.
  2. Select the name of the markup you want to delete. You can select a single markup or the markup at the top of a conversation group4.png
  3. Click or tap the Delete icon located to the right of the markup name.5.png
  4. You will get a confirmation box. Click on Delete button.
  5. If you select a markup at the top of a conversation group, all the subset markups in that group are deleted. If you delete the last markup in the file, the Markup views section is removed from Pathfinder.


Extending support for 2D files


Solid Edge Portal now supports AutoCAD DXF file format. This is a very useful format for users who deals with multiple CAD or vector-based programs. You can now upload dxf file, view it and can also add markups in it.



In summary, Solid Edge Portal delivers a suite of powerful cloud capabilities, providing easy access to professional 3D CAD across different devices, instant configuration of your CAD environment to your personal preferences, and the ability to quickly share your data across your design resources and with suppliers and customers.