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Solid Edge Portal Updates Improve Collaboration


Collaboration is a key part of the designer or engineer’s work environment. Almost every company that exists today works with multiple vendors, and that requires the ability to easily share and work on files together. The Solid Edge Portal provides a platform that facilitates this process, and recent updates extend the functionality of the portal to make it easier to share your files with others, give and receive feedback, and even make changes to your designs. Read on to learn what’s new.


Work with a wider variety of CAD assemblies  

You now can upload NX, SolidWorks, Creo, and Inventor assembly files and part files from a single folder into Solid Edge Portal. There you can select, review, and manage individual part, component, and subassembly files in the model, just as you do for Solid Edge assemblies. This is especially useful for design collaboration as many vendors use multiple types of CAD systems, and thus will have many different file types to work with.


Organize files with folders

Now you can use folders to organize the files you added to your project. Instead of a single flat list of files, which can be cumbersome to browse, you can create folders and subfolders to contain them. This makes it easy to find the files and projects you are looking for.

solid edge portal.png

For example, you can use folders to group files by type (CAD files, reference images, reports, drawings), or by function (front wheel train, rear wheel train, main handle, bag), or by revision (with reviewer name and date). When a Collaborator downloads a project, the downloaded ZIP file maintains the folder structure.

You can:

  • Create folders and subfolders, and then populate your folders by uploading files to the project.
  • Navigate between folders using the breadcrumb trail.
  • Delete folders and individual files.
  • Sort folders and files.


Easier navigation with the image viewer

You now can scroll through all of the images in your project using the Next and Prev buttons on the image viewer toolbar. Previously, you had to close the image viewer to open another image. This makes it easier to navigate through images in a given project to find the one you are looking for.

solid edge portal 2.png

Persistent units of measurement

When using the Measure command, the default units of measure are inches. When you select a different unit, your selection remains the new default for all measurements. This is helpful in keeping things consistent, so you do not have to continually change the unit of measurement every time you open a different file or project.


In summary, the Solid Edge Portal offers a platform for design collaboration that is tailored to computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering, and we are always working to improve it with updates that enhance your working experience.  

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Thanks @AmyReyes1,


These are fantastic updates to the Solid Edge Portal...........great work team!