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Synchronous Parametric Parts in Solid Edge

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History-based modeling systems are great for parametric design, but don’t allow you to directly drive geometry with 3D dimensions. Some explicit modeling systems allow you to edit geometry directly, but have little or no parametric design capability. They also don’t allow you to control dimensions or the direction of change.


Solid Edge with synchronous technology has the flexibility of an explicit modeler with the control of a history-based system. Solid Edge gives you total design freedom, including the ability to create synchronous parametric parts—parametric control to add design intent.


PMI dimensions can be used to modify the model—locking or unlocking dimensions control the effect of model changes.


Synchronous Parametric Parts_1.PNG


A locked dimension in Solid Edge is a dimension whose value controls the size, orientation, or location of an element. A locked dimension keeps the dimension value from being changed when a connected face is moved or resized. Also, a dimension must be locked if you want to use it in the Variable Table.


It is easy to identify a locked dimension. In the graphics window, the default display color of a locked dimension is red.


Synchronous Parametric Parts_2.PNGLocked Dimension

In Path Finder, a locked dimension has a lock icon in front of its name.


Synchronous Parametric Parts_3.PNG


You can also use a formula for a dimension value. Just right click on the dimension, and choose "Edit Formula" from the context menu.


Synchronous Parametric Parts_4.PNG


This displays the formula for the dimension in the command bar. Then, simply pick the center distance in the model.


Synchronous Parametric Parts_5.PNG


Its name will appear in the formula field.


Synchronous Parametric Parts_6.PNG


Add the required formula and click "Apply." A mixed red dimension with blue text indicates the dimension is now formula driven.


 Synchronous Parametric Parts_7.PNG


Parametric modeling in Solid Edge with synchronous technology combines the speed and flexibility of explicit modelers with the precise control of history-based modeling—without the overhead of sketch regeneration. Check out the video below to see this process in action.