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Connection is not secure

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Good morning, When entering the download website for downloading the new maintenance pack of ST9 I get the connection is not secure. Thing is that it's not the first time Mozzila blocks stuff from the website or this forum. Can someone have a look at it and fix it, thank you in advance. Cheers, Sander

Re: Connection is not secure

I have used IE, EDGE, and Chrome with no issues.  Unless it is a country based server issue (I'm in the US), then maybe it's your browser and you might try a different one.

Ken Grundey
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2 weeks ago

Re: Connection is not secure

It should not matter if i use Mozzila or something else, the problem is the host. If other web browsers accept unsecure hosts it's there problem. I'm from The Netherlands, thats not the problem iether.


It has be fixed Smiley Very Happy and downloaded what i needed.


"When Firefox connects to a secure website (the URL begins with "https://"), it must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid and that the encryption is strong enough to adequately protect your privacy. If the certificate cannot be validated or if the encryption is not strong enough, Firefox will stop the connection to the website and instead show an error."


Re: Connection is not secure

Aside from the root cause of this issue, you could also temporarily add an exception to ignore this message for this particular session and then move forward with your download , if having your download immediately is critical.