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Visualisation and Base Viewer Software



have test a bit how the viewer is working and find out the basic is Hoops Viewer from Tech Soft.

The same base used at the Viewer for JT2Go in SkyDRM online.

However, both has not the functions. You can catch this if you test Hoops Demo Viewer and then the HTML output.

I miss the measurement and the walk true (at Solid Edge Portal). This is a main if you share files like power plants.

With the walk through you can have a first overview if all is fitting and with the simple measurement, you can control as an example if all safety ways are big enough.


Other point is the visualisation.

A short time ago, it is possible with a bit knowledge to import PNG Files into JT. Nevertheless, if you import this now into Solid Edge Portal it is not working anymore. This is a bit sad because a good layout is for selling and first visualisation great.

I put under my text some example for it all in a ZIP File. In addition, you can see that in JT2Go are some Render mistakes are happen. Did not know if this can done better? To show a much better layout in an HTML I create a HTML with Koru from Boxshot.

It will be also great if HTML can saved and viewed in Solid Edge Portal. Have try to upload a HTML but this was not working.


Update 26.02.2018.

Have create a better JT File now. See also the file under this post.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Best Regard Wolfgang

Work_with_Koru.PNGWork with KoruWork_with_JT2Go.PNGWork with SE and JT2Go