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Welcome to the Solid Edge Portal

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Siemens Experimenter

Welcome to the Solid Edge Portal

What is Solid Edge Portal?

It is a cloud-based application that allows you to securely share your designs with internal and external collaborators around the world.


How to get started:

Visit the Solid Edge Portal and log in using your Webkey.

Click Help drop down menu in the upper right then Getting Started link to learn more about the Solid Edge Portal.

  • Create and set up your account
  • Supported file types
  • View controls
  • How to create sections and markups


How to get help or provide feedback? 

You can ask questions and provide feedback directly in this forum! We monitor the forum daily, and of course welcome all feedback.


Start a new thread with the following format as your subject line:


  • Question <Portal Area>: short description
  • Bug <Portal Area>: short description
  • Enhancement <Portal Area>: short description
  • Other <Portal Area>: short description

<Portal Area> could be areas such as Login, Viewing, Sharing, Publish, Help etc


When logging an issue:

Please include the operating system and browser information when logging issues. Provide as much information in the Post Body, so we can quickly get your issue to the team to work and possibly resolve. 


The Solid Edge Portal teams practice continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD). Enhancements and bug fixes to the Solid Edge Portal and/or Viewer will automatically be available to you when you log in.