Bluesurf and Bluedot with imported curves

I was very impressed when SE was able to loft 23 sections with bluesurf (no other SWare was able to). However I really need to connect my guide curves with Bluedots and this is either greyed out or does not work on my imported curves.
I've imported from IGES with both part and draft options in both ordered and synchr env.
With the part template the B-spline curves come in as parts and work well as loft sections with bluesurf but are not editable as curves and bluedot is greyed out.
With the draft template and convert to 3D option the curves can be edited but trying to loft with Bluesurf I get "specified cross sections too close together or contain elements too small" etc Bluedot is available but after selecting the first curve won't find any other selection.
Other error messages incl. "feature contains coincident faces.." "unable to recompute topology tracking info" ''operation failed - geometry would be self-intersecting'' and when
trying advanced vertex map option " all maps must pass thru same set of cross sections and all maps must pass thru all non-periodic cross sections" (whatever they might be!).
Problem is I can't find any further help anywhere. Perhaps the Main SE forum has this info? and could be made accessible as read only?

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Esteemed Contributor
Hi there (name??),

I suspect there may be over lapping geometry in one or more of the curve sets...if you could upload the SE file (or screen images), someone here will be able to take a look and offer you further assistance.

From what you're saying though, it sounds like you have a reasonable grasp on what to try/do, so hopefully you can get past this holdup.

This group is frequented by users from the main SE forum, so plenty of help (supplimental to Seimens staff) should be available.
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Re: Bluesurf and Bluedot with imported curves


I can upload a file but SE seems happy to bluesurf/loft my sections so I don't think theres a problem with the sections; its my problem getting to grips with SEs modus operandi I think. Problem is it has imported each one as a part (eg part copy 1 etc). I want them to be B-spline curves. Tried making derived curves but selection only gives
the edit definition button - the edit profile is not available. Is there another file format (I used IGES) that will import as 3D curves.


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Solution Partner Phenom

any import of geometry from a "neutral" or "non-SE" file format translates to the well known PartCopy features, which are kind of dump (wire, surface or solid) bodies only.
That's where synchronous modelling might be very helpful, but for curves and surfaces there doesn't exist any sync support yet.

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thanks Martin

Now I won't waste any more time trying to solve the impossible. There is a steep learning curve here but it seems worth it

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Siemens Master
If the curves are planar, you should be able to do the following (admittedly a bit long winded -- but it should work if you are desperate):
1. Create a sketch coincident with the curve.
2. Include Edge to copy the curve into the sketch.
3. Delete the little symbol that makes the curve associative to the original.
4. Now you should be able to edit this curve.