Can ST6 running on VISTA?

Hi there,

I have installed ST6 on my Laptop withz VISTA Proffesional, because the Resources on the web-site said it works. After Installing and opening it means The programm can not work and shut down.
After reading the link on the E-Mail with the password standing in the Resources that onli Win 7 or 8 will be submitted.

Know anybody that ST6 is running on VISTA, or where i become an Student version it works (can also ba a ST5).

Re: Can ST6 running on VISTA?

SeanCresswell 2nd Gear
2nd Gear
Hi there,
No, ST6 is not supported on Vista.
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Re: Can ST6 running on VISTA?

Hi Sean,
give it actually a download for an older version or from ST5 that works under VISTA?