Problem with assembly driven part features


When I create an Assembly Driven Part Feature of, for example a hole feature with three holes. I can change the positions of the holes and everything is ok in the assembly and in the part environment.
Now when I delete one of the three holes (Let's say I don't need a bolt hole there) and then suddenly it turns out that I do, I make a new hole in the same feature. Then SE gives me an error in the part environment in the driven hole feature "Could not recompute: Missing parent in Reference element plane" (but it still makes the hole and I can change the position)
And now it turns out, that I only need one hole in the part and I delete the first two holes and keep the last one that I made, now SE gets crazy, it keeps the hole that I want (the third hole) but also one of the holes that I deleted (the first two, it deletes only one). In the assembly environment it doesn't give me an error but in the part environment the error is: "Warning: some of the resulting features do not add or remove any material"

I can do everything mentioned above, when I use assembly features or just part features and I don't have any errors.

Can I somehow manually redefine the relationships between the assembly driven part feature (assembly environment) and the driven part feature (part environment)?
I have tried "update all links, update relationships, update structure"

I look forward to your replies