Sad... :)

I tried to install Solid edge student edition, but it gets me too complicated.If you can help me getting the attachment file to install the software I would be happy.


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Siemens Master
Have you installed the software yet? If not, make sure you have:

1. Solid Edge executable to install.
2. The License file you received in the email.

then follow these instructions:

1. Double-click the .EXE file (the default filename will be SolidEdgeV104_32Bit.exe)
2. After a double click, the file will automatically expand and present the user with a setup screen. This step make take several minutes.
3. In the Setup screen, choose the first option (Solid Edge), and follow the prompts in the setup wizard.
4. Then during Solid Edge installation, towards the bottom of the dialog there is a field that says "License File (Optional)". Click "Browse" on the navigate to the SElicense.txt file. You may need to change the file type to *.* to locate the license file that will have a .TXT extension.
9. The setup program will automatically copy the file to the Solid Edge Program folder.

Then you should be able to run. Start it from the desktop or Start menu.

If instead, you have already installed Solid Edge, but forgotten to the above browse for license step, then:

1. Go to the Windows "Start" menu and find the Solid Edge Program Group.
2. Start the License Utility (found inside the Solid Edge Program group)
3. Next click "Browse" in the dialog box, and navigate to the file. You may need to change the file type in the License Utility to *.* to locate the license file with .TXT file
4. The License Utility program will automatically copy the file to the Solid Edge Program folder.
5. You should be able to run Solid Edge, look for it on the Windows start menu or on the desktop and launch the application.

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Don't forget to "SAVE" the license file from that email....into a folder you know how to "browse" to.
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Thanks for replay. I have had tried every thing to run Solid Edge but when i start to install the License file which i received, but the message comes up with 'the Solid Edge license file is in use. Please exit your Solid Edge session then restart the License wizard.' so what can you advice me?